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Al Shaer Trading Est. Is a joint-stock company engaged in trade, import and distribution activities Our focus is on agricultural products such as spices, herbs, nuts, pulses, sweeteners, colors and flavorings And some food such as rice and sugar Head Office Yemen - Aden Branches Taiz - Sana'a - The destination from which we import India, China, Malaysia, America, Argentina, Vietnam, Burma, Kenya,… More »
We have a unique vision to establish bilateral relations with our main sources from India, China, Malaysia, America, Argentina, Vietnam, Burma, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey,… More
With our knowledge of product sources, we can supply the main markets with the best and best products, so we can shorten a lot Of the steps and enabled our customers to get the finest products at the… More
Our Brands

‏AL SHAER TRADING CORPORATION is focused on sourcing high quality spices and fresh farm produce. We have items which are our hallmark such as African black pepper, cloves, Chili Peppers, nuts, and Saigon Cinnamon, but we have an entire spread of herbs and spices in our portfolio. We continue to develop our sources in Africa and East Asia to satisfy our client’s needs. We also have a vast supply of the highly competitive prices.

Kenyan Tea

Syrian cumin


Indian cumin

Chinese cinnamon

Chinese coffee

Indian ginger

Myanmar turmeric

Brazilian sugar

Rice Basmati Super Kernel Pakistani

Basmati rice, Indian yellow

Wafer biscuits

Coconut is creamy

Dried coconut

Malaysian Cocoa

Chinese Cocoa

Indian orange pigment

Australian Crushed Broad Beans

English Bean

English crushed Broad Bean

Chinese white beans

Oriental nuts

Chinese nuts

American almonds

Iranian pistachios

Indian Cajun

Kajo Vietnami

Chinese Raisins

Indian Raisins

Australian Chickpeas

Ethiopian Chickpeas

Ethiopian White Kidney Beans

Indian mustard

Indian Fennel

Egyptian Fennel



Egyptian Marjoram

Egyptian sowing

Egyptian marble

Color of saffron yolk

Color egg yolk

Mango Color

Brown color chocolate

Shantieh Cream

Full Cream Milk Powder

Biscuit Beans


milk newzealand

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Our Values


We will always represent ourselves and our products with honesty and integrity. We will always supply the quality we promised for the price that we promised, on time and within the terms agreed. We hold ourselves to this standard because we are prepared to engage the customer in a long-term relationship based on trust and integrity.


We strive to provide value to our customers in a highly competitive business. When dealing with Mawared or any of its affiliates, you will be dealing with an individual who knows and understands your business and is willing to stand behind every product that we sell. We will not hide behind corporate policies or get you lost in phone transfers and voicemail.


Reliability is ensured by two main factors: 1 – Our intimate relationship with production sites, farmers, and our continuous presence within close proximity to the people who affect our business the most. 2 – Multiple geographically disparate sources guarantee that if a crop is lost due to environmental factors such as drought, heat, infestations etc, we can still source our products from a different market where we already have a presence.

Quality Control

We always strive to be the highest quality product and the best price can be provided to the customer

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